about origin

The Company

Since 2002 Origin Wine has grown from a three man show to a business with more than 260 employees that sell in excess of 80 million litres of wine a year. Today we export wines around the globe to the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, USA, Denmark and Germany to name a few. Click here to view Origin Wine China selection >

As part of the Fairhills project our brand supports the biggest Fairtrade project in the world and currently help support over 2 000 people in South Africa, Chile and Argentina. We are also fully HACCP, BRC, DLG and IFS compliant.  At Origin no challenge is too big. We can bottle from 187ml all the way through to 3 litre and BIB’s from 1 litre to 5 litre. We offer our customers every option available from glass, PET, BIB or Tetra Pak to Fairtrade, Organic, Low Sulphur, Low Alcohol and Low calorie.

We provide a ‘one-stop’ service which manages the supply chain from wine making to supply. From treatment and blending to wine analysis and label design– you can rest assured that the product you are presented with, will not only complement the contents, but be ready to go on shelf!

Origin Wine maintains the highest level of quality and standards which have been internationally recognised, year after year through both International Food Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). Origin Wine also boasts IPW, Organic Accreditation and DLG approval as well as a Fairtrade accreditation and applies all the principles and procedures set out by the HACCP.