Origin Wine offers a one-stop service to the wine making industry, allowing you to focus on what is important about your business, leaving the rest up to the professionals. Origin guarantees immaculate service at a price which you can easily afford, making it possible to have your needs met with the utmost confidence that you will be pleased with the results.

 Origin Wines has the ability to analyse, treat and blend wines to your specifications. They also develop new brands and labels which will comply with your target market, taking care of the logistics behind issues like sourcing of materials and transportation.

 A world class bottling facility completes the bouquet of services which Origin Wine offers, ensuring that no matter what your needs are, Origin Wine is able to deliver on time, to cost and within the constraints stipulated.

Bulk Wine Supply

A fair percentage of Origin Wine’s current client base is allocated to bulk wine supply.

*Pre-loading wine approval based on client specifications is an absolute pre-requisite.
*Our loading process ensures correct volume by loading with calibrated flow meters, containers are inspected and loading equipment is sanitised according to stringent procedures.
*We ensure that retention samples are kept of all wine loaded.
*Our wine lab can provide a full footprint of the loaded wine from source to final product through its Winescan.

Brand Development

If you would like to develop a label specific to your target market, Origin Wine will guide you through the process – in particular, wine sourcing and packaging, always providing the most cost effective options.

We work closely with the client to ensure that the market specified is guaranteed to be enthralled by the quality of the wine selection and intuitive fit between market and product. Origin Wine has access to large volumes of product, as well as a vast array of cultivars and styles available. With price and style needs specified, we are able to source the wine required, blend it to taste and provide the quantities as ordered.

Brand development could not be easier with Origin Wine. With clear client specifications and the quantities confirmed, we are able to provide the best quality wine, blended to perfection and attractively packaged at the most affordable prices.

Wine Analysis

Origin Wine has a fully equipped laboratory able to conduct wine chemical analysis, metals and micro. Analysis can be performed manually or by making use of the latest laboratory technologies. The newest addition, is a WineScan which enables us to produce a footprint of each wine from source to final product.

Wine treatment And Blending

Origin Wine has an on-site blending facility of 2.4m lt and combined with our cold stabilisation, EDI plant and bulk filter capabilities, we can provide a one-stop service.


Bottling is an incredibly delicate process, which is why Origin Wine has developed a world class bottling facility. Whether it be bottling, labeling or the more technical balance of ensuring the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are managed – Origin Wine operates to strict procedures and to your specific requirements.

With a total glass filling capacity of 90 000 litres per day, your wines will be bottled, sealed, labeled and ready for shipping in turn-around time.

In addition, Origin Wine have a Bag-in-Box line, with a 55 000 litre capacity per day which covers most sizes from 18.75cl to 5 litres.

Screw caps, cork, synthetic and wax seals offer a variety of closures – and our labeling options include wet glue or self-adhesive. These options allow us to bottle and label your wine according to your personal specifications.

At Origin Wine we take pride in what we do and aim to exceed your expectations. We have stringent control processes in place and the very best security measures.

Allow us to provide you with a bottling facility worthy of all the time and effort that goes into making a memorable bottle of wine.